About LDPress

Frustrated Professor

Are you frustrated by the content and cost of texts available for your upper-level, graduate and executive education courses?

Do you find yourself either not assigning text books or teaching from your own materials rather than the assigned text?

This is exactly the situation with which we found ourselves … resulting in our use of self-authored teaching notes along with cases and published articles.

When we contacted traditional publishers about publishing our materials as a textbook, we were told we needed to broaden our content such that it was consistent with currently available texts.

This was precisely what we did not wish to do, leading us to form Legerity Digital Press as a vehicle for publishing our book (as well as Dorit Nevo’s statistics book).

Our objective is to publish textbooks offering innovative, cutting-edge and highly-readable content, and to do so at attractive price-points.

We primarily sell our textbooks in digital form … enabling us to price our books very competitively, to revise content in an accelerated fashion, and to sell books as a complete volume or as selected chapters. These digital books come in .pdf format with full search, highlighting and note-taking functions. Our files can be used on any computer, tablet or phone. Our digital textbooks are permanent, not a rental. Once you buy the file, you own it.